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We have been incredibly impressed with Jane's knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm in working to improve our son's speech. At every step of the way, she has exhibited a depth of knowledge far above those of any other professional that has been involved with our son. Her pro-active and inclusive attitude creates a highly effective joint approach between herself, the parents, and the school staff. This knowledge and strategy has directly resulted in our son's impressive progress with his speech, that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you! 

We contacted Jane to help us with our 2 year old son. He was not talking at all and was only pointing at things to let us know what he wanted. Additionally, he was very short tempered and high spirited. Jane evaluated him and gave us a completely new perspective. She has been working with him for almost 8 months now and it’s amazing to see how much our son has changed. He is a completely different boy although he remains highly active but very sociable . Jane has not only helped with speech but his behavior as well and we cannot be grateful enough for all her efforts. She truly is brilliant at what she does!! : M M (Surrey)

Our 4 year old son is autistic and he has severe speech and language delay and with that in mind we decided to take him along to see Jane. Jane was very informative and gave us strategies to try with him at home which we carried out straight away. After just one session and a month through the programme the transformation in him is amazing. He started to use the language that he did have with meaning and wanted to communicate with us which has meant more interaction and involving us in his play. His listening skills are improving and our sons progress so far have not gone unnoticed by family, friends and even his pre-school who have seen positive steps in his progress. We cannot thank Jane enough for the progress that we have seen so far and look forward to our continued work going forward.  : Linda