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Autism - How we can help

As a parent of a young man with autism I have specialist knowledge, experience and genuine understanding of how tough it can be parenting a child on the autistic spectrum as well as incredibly rewarding as you see your child achieve goals you had only dreamt of following your support and guidance.   

Who knows how far they can go with the right support.  My own son was originally non verbal and self harming and is now a valued member of staff working full time for a local company.  He travels independently to work using the train and bus and has just had his first Tax Rebate !

Specialist Qualities:

  • Our therapists have first hand experience of living with those on the Autism Spectrum as either a son or brother.
  • Provision of speech & language therapy into ABA/VB Programmes to the mutual satisfaction of client and provider for over 10 years.
  • Consultancy provided for 7 specialist ABA/VB schools in the UK and Europe.
  • All therapists have undertaken official training by TALK TOOLS and PROMPT trainers.
  • TALK TOOLS Level 3 trained therapist. 
  • PROMPT trained Level 2 therapist.
  • Therapy built around the interests & obsessions of our clients.
  • Therapy programmes for you to work on at home reducing the need for weekly sessions and keep costs down.
  • We can work in French with our French speaking clients and currently work in schools in Paris, Avignon, Marseille and Angouleme.